Preparing your property for market

First impressions are purely that .... first impressions.

How your home comes across in the first few minutes of viewing with a potential buyers can critically determine the outcome at the other end of the sale process.

Tasteful decoration, careful presentation, and clever use of space, call all often be the crucial differences between an 'acceptable' result and a 'great' result.

At Bayleys, our sales personnel are intricately networked amont the area's best home decor designers, 'home staging' companies, building services, and landscape gardeners - who can all provide you with expect advice on ways to present your home for sale. It's all part of outstanding Bayleys customer service experience we willingly deliver at no extra charge.

While some homes require a bare minimum to prepare them for sale, others need a little additional input to really attract the market's interest. At Bayleys, we've put together just a few recommendations on how you can maximise the sale price of your home...